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The Blue Grid

Welcome to The Blue Grid .net

Welcome to Home Page for The Blue Grid - Hosting Service

What is The Blue Grid

  • TheBlueGridConsulting We can help you with all your computer and technical needs!

  • TheBlueGridWeb Web site development solutions for small and medium customers with a personal touch.

  • TheBlueGridHost A web site hosting solution for small and medium customers with a personal touch. All the information related to this service can be found at www.thebluegrid.net

This site is the web page for The Blue Grid Hosting Service.

We create your hosting account under this URL, your name servers are hosted here, but that is all tech talk that we take care of once your decide to work with us.

Terms and Conditions - we do have specific terms and conditions for our service, click the link and review, as accepance of our terms is required before you are allowed to use the servive.

Pricing - if you have us develop the web site, we will include hosting for the first year in the price. Afterwards we will offer a per year fee plus charges for additional bandwidth that may be required. Most web sites will not incur this additional charge. We will provide you with a monthly statement showing your usage and any charges that may be incurred.

Payment - We prefer to take payment for services using PayPal. Cash and.or Check/Cheque are also gladly accepted.

About Us - This service is owned and operated by The Blue Grid AB Ltd.


Contact Us - Email Us: Webmaster at The Blue Grid